Hi wonderer, I’m Kristina Martanovicova known as Tukan – dancer, choreographer, movement mentor and certified coach from Slovakia, currently living in Prague, the Czech Republic.

My career started early on. Dancing since a young age, I have started choreographing in my teen years. But soon I found out I’m hungry for knowledge and education. I visited countless workshops in Europe, I learnt from the best dancers in the business. But I still haven’t had enough. I enrolled to the University of Cominius  majoring in Psychology. Thanks to the amazing professors and support of my family, I was able to do both – dancing and studying full time. 

After studies I moved to Czech Republic, Prague. First it was the call of my heart, later I fell in love with the city, rich in history, culture and the dance community. I auditioned for the JAD Dance Company by Yemi A.D. who has worked with international artist like Kanye West, Polica etc. And I have also extended my psychology portfolio to my coaching certification. Since then i have developed my skills to be able to combine my knowledge and gifts and serve. Open minded and open hearted for new adventures to come. 

My work is inspired by daily life events. From simply observing random behavior of strangers on the tram to more emotionally demanding experiences like the feelings of loss, joy, anger and or affection. Oh yes, and I love old black and white movies. Within lies a huge world of body language inspiration.  Lately I have been working as a coach and a movement mentor. Therefore, if you feel stuck in your life or career, we can explore and experience movements together!

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